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De grandes entreprises et professionnels se tournent vers nous pour notre expertise notre ténécité ainsi que pour notre taux de reussite


onseling & Litigation with a special focus on Business law and Labor law.

MRINI is a Moroccan LAW FIRM with a special focus on national and international Business Law and Labor law.

At MRINI LAW FIRM’s office in Casablanca or on line, you will meet qualified attorneys and lawyers who not only know the legal matters, but understand the issues and people of the Kingdom of Morocco.

As professionals of conseling and litigation, we protect you and your projects and help you to take the right decisions.

Most of the team is fluently English.

How we deserve your confidence

With an experience of more than 30 years, the MRINI LAW FIRM is well known as experimented attorneys and lawyers with a policy of continuous improvement for services always performing and within the framework of a professional relationship based on:

  • High professionnal skills
    • MRINI LAW FIRM is committed to providing the best efforts when carrying out its clients’ instructions in full compliance with applicable laws and the code of practice. It ensures that all the work done by the attorneys and lawyers meets the high standards of excellence and diligence.
    • MRINI LAW FIRM is committed to informing its clients of all the legal options open to them, to proposing to them the actions best capable of safeguarding their interests, and to implementing, with the greatest possible diligence, the solution selected in conjunction with its clients.
  • Transparency
    • MRINI LAW FIRM ensures that all the work done by the attorneys and lawyers is based on the transparency principle in the relation with its clients and all parties.
    • Regarding the fees, they are subject of an agreement with the clients from the beginning of the legal services (signed agreement also including expenses).
    • The fees are calculated either on a flat-rate basis or at the hourly rate or with a success fee. It can also be a combined calculation method. It takes into account different points such as the importance of the case, the result obtained, …
  • ICTs
    • MRINI LAW FIRM is fully committed to informing its clients of the progress of the services. With their login and a secret code, clients can view the stage of their files surfing on the platform dedicated. The information given is daily updated.
    • MRINI LAW FIRM is a pioneer in Morocco developing an “Office on line” which provides large wide of legal services by its lawyers 24/7.

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